Gimjaban Bokkeum Deopbap

I just love gim (seaweed). I always stock up on gim whenever I go to a nearby Korean supermarket. I recently got a package from Korea from my sister-in-law and she sent me a couple bags of gimjaban bokkeum (toasted seasoned seaweed). I didn’t realize that these are so good. I’ve been eating it like this for lunch for the whole week. It’s a kind of deopbap (a bowl of rice with some kind of topping). It’s so easy to make and really tasty. You just need to top a bowl of rice with a fried egg and some gimjaban bokkeum. I think I’ll be stocking up on gimjaban bokkeum when I go to the Korean supermarket from now on.

Estimated time: less than 30 minutes
Makes 1 bowl of gimjaban bokkeum deopbap (about 435 calories total):
200 grams cooked brown rice (300 calories)
15 grams gimjaban bokkeum (30 calories)
53 grams or 1 egg fried (105 calories)

얼마전에 한국에서 받은 택배가 있었는데 김자반볶음이 들어 있더라고요. 김은 엄청 좋아해서 평소에 꼭 사놓는데 김자반볶음도 맛있군요. 한국마트 갈 때 사서 쟁여둬야겠습니다. 밥 위에 뿌려 먹으니까 너무 좋아요! 일주일동안 이렇게 점심을 먹었습니다… 레시피랄 것도 없지만 그냥 칼로리 계산을 위해 적어 봤습니다. 아직 다이어트는 계속 하는 중이라…

소요시간: 30분 미만
김자반볶음 덮밥 1그릇 (총 약 435칼로리):
현미밥 200그램 (300칼로리)
김자반볶음 15그램 (30칼로리)
계란후라이 1개/53그램 (105칼로리)